Dallas Read Dream. Risk. Win. Repeat.

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I've traveled our beautiful world, looking at it from many perspectives. On my adventure, I've been quiet. I watched; I listened; I explored. I picked up some artifacts along my journey. To my surprise, many of them had, inscribed on them, secrets as to "how the world works." I've rigorously tested the claims I've found with experience and evidence. At long last, I'm ready to share the things that I've been able to distill — honoured to have had the absurd luck of unearthing them along the way.

Strive for progress
Life cannot survive without progress. Make things happen to bring fulfillment, happiness, and strength.
Think different
A tiny idea is capable of solving a monumental problem. Think outside of the box, but don't lie to yourself.
Commit for the long haul
Opportunities arise, then disappear. Be prepared for the chance, slow to commit, but stand strong in your decision.
Agreements over assumptions
We all get frustrated when things don't go the way we expect. Pre-emptively transform expectations into explicit agreements to save a world of pain.
Distribute responsibilities
Obedience isn't a virtue because power always corrupts. We can help save each other by decentralizing responsibilities.

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